The ATIKU DESERVATION MOVEMENT is pioneering its vision with Nigeria’s second elected Vice President, His Excellency Atiku Abubakar for several unique reasons:
Atiku is one of the few Nigerian statesmen who are roundly qualified to lead the country as President. He understands Nigeria and its development challenges more than most leaders – dead or alive.
He is passionate about the progress and development of the nation and its people. He is one of the most detribalized Nigerians ever.
He has empowered Nigerians from all backgrounds, localities and sensibilities. He has married severally from all major and minor tribes and cultures of the country.
He is the largest single investor in human capital development in his home State of Adamawa, the northeast region and beyond. After the Adamawa State government, he is the second largest employer of labor in the State.
Atiku is the only Nigerian statesman who while serving as Vice President, jettisoned his personal interest and stood against an unconstitutional term elongation ambition of President Obasanjo, for the sake of stabilizing democracy in Nigeria. Atiku’s stance naturally pitched him against his boss, so much so that his second term was dedicated to over a dozen court cases. He succeeded in all of these cases and created a place for himself in the Guinness Book of Records.
In 1991, he contested for the Presidency of Nigeria but voluntarily sacrificed his candidacy for the sake of the nation’s survival. This singular sacrifice led to the smooth emergence of the Abiola-Kingibe SDP Presidential ticket in Jos. It also led to the conduct of what was then regarded as the freest and most detribalized election ever in the history of Nigerian democracy in June 1993.
Atiku has contested for the Presidency of Nigeria on several other occasions. In 2019, Nigerians have a major reason to give this man another chance to ascend to the corridors of power at the highest level.
There is no better reason why Nigeria should give Atiku Abubakar another chance in 2019 than the following extract from a citation by the American Peace Corps. The full citation was rendered while conferring the First Harry Wofford Global Citizenship Award, to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in September 2011, in Washington DC:
No private businessman in Africa has worked harder
for democracy or contributed more to higher education,
than Atiku Abubakar

Atiku was an orphan very early in life but dared challenges and moved on, succeeding substantially in education, public service, business, political leadership, and more. He studied law in the University and became a students’ government leader as early as his undergraduate days, laying the foundation for greater leadership responsibility ahead.
While a public servant, politician and businessman, Atiku has worked and reached out to all of Nigeria. He retired from service after ascending to almost the highest position in Nigeria Customs.
He has succeeded in establishing systems, building schools, founding businesses, mentoring leaders, supporting the underprivileged and has always yearned to do more for his countrymen and others alike.
He is Adamawa’s most illustrious son. His commitment and contributions, service and sacrifice to the growth and development of his people has never been equaled by anyone.
He is the largest employer of labour, the biggest promoter of education and the widest donor to charity. Atiku therefore remains a timeless man of men and indeed a tireless leader of leaders, who is blessed with the will and the wisdom to turn Nigeria around for the good of all.