To identify leaders who have the qualification, character, characteristics; the uncommon experience, expertise and exposure as well as the passion, patriotism and a timeless vision to lead Nigeria or any segment of the country, into becoming the great country it has always yearned to be.
To identify, promote and install a President and other set of leaders at local and national levels who will lead all tiers of government at the executive, legislative and judicial levels, who will hold elective or appointive positions of governance with the sole purpose of leading the country into an era of sustainable security, stability and prosperity.
To Identify and promote a leader and other set of leaders who will genuinely uphold and promote nationalism above all other personal, ethnic or sentimental considerations for the collective good of the country and not merely for the selective goods of its land and her people.
To identify and promote a leader and other set of leaders who will pursue the global recognition, justification and realization of Nigeria as the leader of Africa and the black race, culturally, politically, economically, physically, educationally, technologically, morally and otherwise.
To identify leaders, who will lead the way towards the restoration of Nigeria’s battered image to that of a more serious, respectable, development-oriented, prosperous, globally competitive socio-economic, cultural and political destination of choice for the world.
To identify a leader and set of leaders who will commit to the establishment of timeless institutions as well as systems, standards and protocols for the protection and survival of these structures beyond the lifespan of leaders and the scope of their governments at local, state and national levels.
To identify, promote and install a leader and/or set of leaders who will reorient Nigerians, towards imbibing the culture of obedience to policy, procedure and protocols of doing every business, without recourse to any deliberate breach.
To identify the type of leaders, who will lead Nigeria towards a more systematically sustainable campaign against corruption and all other outrageous forms of socio-economic violations.
To identify leaders who will understand the philosophy and commit to the doctrine of political restructuring in order to deflate the lavish concentration of power at the center.
To identify a leader and set of leaders who will develop and pursue a national strategic plan for the country and lead the campaign for value reorientation.
To identify leaders who will think and initiate workable strategies and plans that will help in lifting Nigeria out of the woods.