The ATIKU DESERVATION MOVEMENT was created in response to a compelling and longstanding need for a LEADERS RESOURCE POOL (LRP) for Nigeria from all localities. This pool is expected to serve as a resource center, where potential leaders are identified, selected, groomed and either elected or assigned specific administrative or legislative responsibilities in various spheres of human endeavor. This direction will be driven in the following ways:

  • Qualified candidates aspiring for political leadership will be thoroughly scrutinized and supported to realize their aspirations, once they possess the basic requirements to take up such responsibility.
  • Naturally born leaders who seem to shy away from taking leadership responsibility for personal or other reasons, will be encouraged and convinced to pick up such tasks for the collective good of the people.
  • Aspiring leaders who seem to misplace their leadership targets will be redirected appropriately so that they can be fixed where they can perform best.
  • While those who do not seem to possess the traits of selfless leadership as envisioned by ADM, and are likely to fail even if they are vested with such responsibility, will be discouraged and convinced to redirect their aspirations and energies to more appropriate areas of national duty.